Murphy History at Cherokee

Robert Calvert Murphy

Robert Calvert Murphy and his wife Martha Gulley lived in Farmerville, LA. Visiting the Cane River area and hearing stories about successful farming in the area, on March 23, 1892, he purchased a portion of the Sompayrac property and moved his family to Cane River. They birthed 11 children, two dying as infants and one as a teenager.

Successfully farming with a growing family, Mr. Murphy and his wife began a legacy still existing today. After his death in 1935, the property transferred to his youngest son Emerson and wife, Aunt Leola, as everyone called her.

Emerson died in 1958, leaving Leola as the only resident. She was a talented writer, and many of the stories in her writings have provided unique insight into life at Cherokee.

The property was sold to Theodosia Murphy Nolan, another granddaughter of Robert Calvert Murphy, on January 5, 1972. The Murphy family has retained ownership or responsibility of caring for Cherokee since Mr. Murphy purchased it in 1891.